Nonprofit Discount Program

Promotional Products for Nonprofits

Promotional Products for Nonprofits

You are one of the major reasons we started this business in 2007 as part of our parent company Key Marketing. Supporting our community has been part of our mission since day one.

Nothing makes us happier than supporting your mission and fundraising efforts! For nearly a decade we have offered this program to area nonprofits.

Nonprofit Donation Back Program

Through our nonprofit donation program, we are happy to offer a 20% ‘donation back’ on virtually any order of promotional products. This is provided in the form of a discount on your order.

Program Details

To qualify for our Nonprofit Donation Back Program, you must:

  • Provide verification of your nonprofit status
  • Pay on time – late payment may cause forfeiture of all donations to your organization
  • Provide sales tax exemption certificates, if applicable

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